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A die safety block as known as a ram block is a prop that when inserted between the upper and lower dies or between the bolster plate and the face of the slide, prevents the slide from falling of its own dead weight. 

Die safety blocks are placed between the die punch and the holder with the machine stroke up. They are rated to support a static load. The static load represents the combined rod(s) or pitman arm(s) and upper die. 

In some applications as many as four safety blocks are required. This is determined by the size of the press bed and the weight the blocks must support. On large presses, the total slide weight must then be distributed among the quantity of the safety blocks required. 

The ram is usually adjustable, therefore, wedges or adjustable screws device is offered to provide a proper fit. If the die takes up most of the space on the die set, it may be difficult to find a place to insert the block. To avoid accidentally stroking the press or leaving the safety block in the die after use, an electrical power cut-off interlock system should be used. 

.250 " of daylight. Under no circumstance should there be more space between the top of the die safety block and the die, or between the top of the die safety block and the slide if the die is absent. It is absolutely crucial to accurately calculate the needed safety die block length. An opening greater then 250 inches changes the force of a moving slide from static to dynamic. 

Flywheel stopped. Unsure the flywheel has fully stopped before placing die safety blocks. 

Interchange. Do not interchange die safety blocks between machines because interlocks will not be valid. 

Schmersal Two Channel Safety Interlock Switch

Four Pole Woodhead Safety Interlock Switch

Safety Die Blocks/Ram Blocks

Safety Die Blocks/Ram Blocks

Safety Die Block Holder

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